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Alex Algarin, MSIRE


Alex Algarin is an expert in oceanfront condos and single-family homes in Miami Beach and neighboring communities. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of local and global market drivers, and for providing unparalleled service in the marketing and acquisition of exceptional properties. His continued success is a result of his commitment to his clients, excellent negotiation skills, and analytical training.

Alex is an active member of the non-profit Urban Land Institute (ULI) and is candidate for the coveted CCIM designation. Adding to his many accomplishments, he is a graduate of the globally ranked Hollo School of Real Estate at Florida International University, where he earned a Master of Science in International Real Estate (MSIRE). His knowledge and experience provide him with the necessary tools to succeed in complex transaction and the skills to represent investors, buyers and sellers across various real estate assets.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Alex relocated to Miami over a decade ago where he fell in love with the sophisticated blend of city and beach life. Having lived in Edgewater, Brickell and now Miami Beach, provides him with real life insight into Miami’s best neighborhoods and properties. During his free time, Alex enjoys visiting many of the cultural venues, staying active by participating in athletic events, and of course, exploring the great dining venues with his family and friends.

Alex makes it a priority to learn about your interests and goals in order to help you find the perfect home or investment. His clients feel confident being represented by a knowledgeable and reputable realtor who is single-mindedly devoted to their interest and satisfaction.

Alex's Property Listings

The collection of luxury oceanfront and waterfront real estate in Miami Beach and Southern Florida

North Carillon Beach #1808
Miami Beach


  • $10,346.70/m²
  • 2 Dormitorios, 2 Baños
  • 119.8 m² (1290 s.f.)
[ See More ]
La Gorce Palace #1407
Miami Beach


  • $5,373.92/m²
  • 2 Dormitorios, 2 Baños
  • 124.5 m² (1340 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Eden House #1504
Miami Beach


  • $7,292.78/m²
  • 2 Dormitorios, 2 Baños
  • 88.4 m² (952 s.f.)
[ See More ]
North Carillon Beach #1809
Miami Beach


  • $7,810.40/m²
  • 1 Dormitorios, 1 Baños
  • 76.2 m² (820 s.f.)
[ See More ]
South Carillon Beach Cond #1801
Miami Beach


  • $7,095.36/m²
  • 1 Dormitorios, 1 Baños
  • 70.3 m² (757 s.f.)
[ See More ]
North Carrillon #1808
Miami Beach


  • 2 Dormitorios, 2 Baños
  • 119.8 m² (1290 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Central Carillon Beach #516
Miami Beach


  • 1 Dormitorios, 1 Baños
  • 71.7 m² (772 s.f.)
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Alex's Property Sales

Here is a list of Alex's most recent property sales, with the most-recent ones showing first. You may resort the list by clicking on any column.

Propiedad Unidad Precio Precio de Venta Precio de venta por Pie Cuadrado $/m² Dorms/Baños Espacio Interior Más
The Beverly Arms 2 $75,000 $79,000 $2,094.46/m² 0/1 37.7 m² (406 s.f.) more
The Beverly Arms 3 $75,000 $79,000 $2,094.46/m² 0/1 37.7 m² (406 s.f.) more
Icon Brickell Condo No 3 2611 $440,000 $432,000 $5,308.23/m² 1/1 81.4 m² (876 s.f.) more
Latitude On The River 3512 $359,000 $341,250 $2,825.53/m² 2/2½ 120.8 m² (1300 s.f.) more
Blue Condo 2511 $355,000 $326,625 $4,548.20/m² 1/1½ 71.8 m² (773 s.f.) more
Brickell Key One A912 $289,900 $260,000 $3,347.63/m² 1/1½ 77.7 m² (836 s.f.) more
Two Midtown Miami Condo PH202 $869,000 $799,000 $3,948.74/m² 2/2½ 202.3 m² (2178 s.f.) more
North Carillon Beach 1707 $1,695,000 $1,550,000 $10,660.74/m² 2/2½ 145.4 m² (1565 s.f.) more
Burleigh House Condo 1405 $620,000 $570,000 $4,216.79/m² 2/2 135.2 m² (1455 s.f.) more
Marina Blue 4612 $549,000 $510,000 $4,165.09/m² 2/2 122.4 m² (1318 s.f.) more
Burleigh House 1406 $649,000 $649,000 $4,801.22/m² 2/2 135.2 m² (1455 s.f.) more
Nine Island T4 $2,850,000 $2,400,000 $9,141.33/m² 3/3½ 262.5 m² (2826 s.f.) more
Carillon 1408 $699,000 $605,000 $9,044.67/m² 1/1 66.9 m² (720 s.f.) more
Riviera Arms 11 $465,000 $448,000 $6,027.79/m² 2/2 74.3 m² (800 s.f.) more
Carillon 3001 $2,775,000 $2,200,000 $9,721.10/m² 2/2½ 226.3 m² (2436 s.f.) more
The Casa Blanca Condo 531 $179,000 $165,000 $5,381.96/m² 0/1 30.7 m² (330 s.f.) more
Mirador 1200 Condo 1427 $299,999 $275,000 $5,362.46/m² 0/1 51.3 m² (552 s.f.) more
Carillon North Tower 2010 $1,250,000 $1,175,000 $9,880.93/m² 2/2 118.9 m² (1280 s.f.) more
The Collins 1509 $470,000 $470,000 $5,364.83/m² 1/1½ 87.6 m² (943 s.f.) more
North Carillon Beach 1708 $1,288,000 Pending $10,747.22/m² 2/2 119.8 m² (1290 s.f.) more
Central Carillon 1403 $399,000 Pending $5,965.00/m² 1/1 66.9 m² (720 s.f.) more

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